Our Emblem

The emblem shows a flower encircled by a circular shield with the school’s motto inscribed at the base. Within the inner circle appear the motifs of book, flower and pen against a background of the rising sun, and behind the sun’s luminous sphere, a haloed head and eye. A mountain mass with sunlit contours occupies the lower quarter of the circle

The emblem is designed to convey the ideas and ideals of the school. Its central cluster of symbols brings together the two themes of the motto: “Excellence and Service.” The book is the source of knowledge and wisdom. As plant grows towards the light, so the mind seeks the truth; freed from vanity and ambition, the mind is, like the flower, self conscious in the possession of its excellence. Mightier than the sword, the pen converts knowledge into an active virtue in the fight for social and spiritual ideals. The mountain mass represents nature as distinct from culture. Human life fulfils itself in harmony with nature, not in conflict with it. To the prevailing culture of technology, this image opposes a counter truth, that of lost Eden, the need to recover the spiritual bond with nature. The light enriched head and eye is emblematic of God, the fountainhead of knowledge and wisdom, the radiant sun is the visible symbol; it represents to the imagination that light of reason and understanding by which men read the works of nature and apprehend the truth. The goal of all human striving is to recover wholeness of body, mind, heart and soul, to comprehend in a single vision both truth and justice. This is signified by the circlet of flowers enclosing the shield, a symbol of achieved harmony of parts and the whole.